byEarth is small, local, composting company, that tries to bring eco values to the community. byEarth has more than one meaning to it’s owner. First obvious definition is […]

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Why to use a composting service? Composting is not very complicated process to be recreated on your own backyard, but certain temperatures has to be followed as well […]

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byEarth is small locally operated composting pick up service, which turns your waste into valuable resource.

We can compost:

  • Coffee grinds and coffee filters;
  • Tea and tea bags;
  • All vegetable and fruit peels;
  • Dairy, bones, and other leftovers;
  • Avocado peel and pits;
  • Pizza boxes;
  • Moderate amount of cooking grease and oils;
  • All paper products soiled with food and unfit for recycling.

We can’t compost:

  • Animal feces and urine;
  • Biodegradable plastic (not yet, but it is coming);
  • Biodegradable diapers;
  • Broken glass;
  • Coated paper products.